👮📊 Honolulu Police Department Stats

A project to track the statistics of the arrests of the Honolulu Police Department

This project provides a dashboard interface that tracks and updates from the HPD's published daily arrest log reports.

The Attorney General's Office provdes annual reports as to the state of crime in Hawaii. This project provides a mechanism to validate these reports, track the numbers daily, and keep an archive of the raw data.

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Arrests by Sex

According to Hawaii's reported 2020 Census data, there are approximately 1,455,271 people living in Hawaii.

Here is a breakdown of the population of the county of Honolulu by sex. (~102 M:100 F)

Now here is a breakdown of the sexes as arrested by the Honolulu Police Department. (~... M:... F)

Arrests by Age

This scatter plot shows the arrested age range for the given timeframe.

Mean (Average)

Arrests by Ethnicity

Here is a breakdown of the arrests by ethnicity:

Compared to their census counterparts:

Here are there ethnicity ratios of the arrests versus their census counterparts:

White: ... vs. 38.6%
Black or African American: ... vs. 4.3%
American Indian and Alaska Native: ... vs. 2.2%
Asian: ... vs. 61.8%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: ... vs. 25.1%

The Officers

For some further visibility, here is an anonymized breakdown of the top "skin color" arrests of every officer. (Grey represents a lack of data, Green is "White" for visibility purposes.)

There are ... officers recorded